RELEASE: Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Launches June Storybook — Candidate Edition

RELEASE: Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Launches June Storybook — Candidate Edition

~ Special edition features candidate stories from across Virginia ~


RICHMOND — Today, the Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy launched our June Storybook. Every month, Va-CFFE publishes stories of working Virginians, small business owners, healthcare providers and patient advocates from every corner of the Commonwealth to highlight the need for a statewide paid family and medical leave program in Virginia.

This month’s special edition features candidate stories from across Virginia. As we look ahead to the November elections, leaders from across the Commonwealth are running for office, hoping for the opportunity to represent their community. This month’s storybook highlights how every Virginian has a paid leave story – an example from their lives and careers that highlights just how critical access to paid leave and caregiving infrastructure is for Virginia families.

“This month, we are showcasing the lived experiences of Virginia candidates and their families, and how those experiences inspired them to run for office and become the change they want to see,” said Virginia Campaign Director Kristina Hagen. “There are a record number of good, hardworking folks across our great Commonwealth who are running for office this year to make a difference for their communities and who share our vision of a Virginia economy that lifts up all families.”

Each of the stories in the June storybook highlights the consequences working Virginians and families face because of the absence of a statewide paid family and medical leave policy. These powerful stories illustrate the struggles many face today and the positive difference a paid leave program could make for families across the Commonwealth. This month’s stories include:

  • Terry McAuliffe, candidate for Governor

  • Del. Hala Ayala, candidate for LG

  • AG Mark Herring, candidate for AG

  • Derek Kitts, HD07

  • Del. Kelly Fowler, HD21

  • Debra Gardner, HD27

  • Del. Kathleen Murphy, HD34

  • Del. Dan Helmer. HD40

  • Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, HD45

  • Del. Alfonso Lopez, HD49

  • Briana Sewell, HD51

  • Rachel Levy, HD55

  • Blakely Lockhart, HD56

  • Dr Ben Moses, HD59

  • Caitlin Coakley, HD65

  • Katie Sponsler, HD66

  • Irene Shin, HD86

  • Del. Suhas Subramanyam, HD87

  • Del. Mike Mullin, HD93

  • Del, Shelly Simonds, HD94

  • Del. Marcia “Cia” Price, HD95

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Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Releases Pre-Primary “Family Friendly Seal of Approval” Scorecards

Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Releases Pre-Primary “Family Friendly Seal of Approval” Scorecards



RICHMOND — Today, with one week left in the 2021 primary season and as we head into the final Democratic gubernatorial debate this evening, the Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy awarded its “Family Friendly Seal of Approval” to three candidates for governor, six for lieutenant governor and dozens of House of Delegates candidates for their support of critical family-friendly workplace policies.

Candidates who are being awarded the “Family Friendly Seal of Approval” are certified by VA-CFFE to be champions of family friendly economic policy, notably:

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave;

  • Paid Sick Days;

  • Quality Childcare; and

  • Affordable Elder Care.


“Now more than ever, Virginians need to know where candidates for office stand on issues like paid family and medical leave, which will be critical to the public health and economic recovery from COVID,” said Kristina Hagen, director of the Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy. “Families across the Commonwealth are demanding these policies. The Family Friendly Candidate Seal of Approval is designed to help voters identify and support candidates who will stand up for the needs of their families.”

The Family Friendly Seal of Approval is available to all candidates running for statewide office and for the House of Delegates, meaning that more than one candidate in a race can receive it. The Family Friendly Seal of Approval does not constitute an endorsement from VA CFFE and does not signal financial support from VA CFFE. VA CFFE will not make endorsements in primary races. Only candidates who have received the Family Friendly Seal of Approval will be considered for future general election endorsements. For candidates facing a nominating contest, the deadline to submit the VA-CFFE questionnaire was Friday, April 30. For all remaining candidates, the deadline is this Friday, June 4. Statewide candidates are listed below alphabetically; House of Delegates candidates are listed by district.



Jennifer Carroll Foy

Terry McAuliffe

Jennifer McClellan


Hala Ayala

Mark Levine

Andria McClellan

Sean Perryman

Sam Rasoul

Xavier Warren


Mark Herring

Jay Jones

HOUSE OF DELEGATES (Primary Candidates)

Del. Candi King, House District 02

Derek Kitts, House District 07

Del. Elizabeth Guzman, House District 31

Rod Hall, House District 31

Idris O’Connor, House District 31

Kara Pitek, House District 31

Jennifer Adeli, House District 34

Del. Kathleen Murphy, House District 34

Holly Hazard, House District 38

Del. Kaye Kory, House District 38

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, House District 45

Del. Mark Levine, House District 45

Del. Alfonso Lopez, House District 49

Michelle Maldonado, House District 50

Linnard Harris Sr, House District 66

Katie Sponsler, House District 66

Dawn Adams, House District 68

Del. Jeff Bourne, House District 71

Richard Walker, House District 71

Del. Lamont Bagby, House District 74

Del. Steve Heretick, House District 79

Scott Flax, House District 82

Irene Shin, House District 86

Del. Jay Jones, House District 89

Zach Filtz, House District 99

GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATES (NB: Questionnaire submissions are still being accepted.)


Leslie Merris, House District 04

Dustin Wimbish, House District 08

Bridgette Craighead, House District 09

Del. Wendy Gooditis, House District 10

Del. Sam Rasoul, House District 11

Del. Chris Hurst, House District 12

Del. Danica Roem, House District 13

Douglas Ward, House District 18

Del. Kelly Fowler, House District 21

William Helsley, House District 26

Debra Gardner, House District 27

Del. Joshua Cole, House District 28

Annette Hyde, House District 30

Del. David Reid, House District 32

Paul Siker, House District 33

Del. Mark Keam, House District 35

Del. Vivian Watts, House District 39

Del. Dan Helmer, House District 40

Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, House District 41

Del. Kathy Tran, House District 42

Del. Paul Krizek, House District 44

Del. Charniele Herring, House District 46

Del. Patrick Hope, House District 47

Briana Sewell, House District 51

Del. Luke Torian, House District 52

Del. Marcus Simon, House District 53

Rachel Levy, House District 55

Blakely Lockhart, House District 56

Del. Sally Hudson, House District 57

Ben Moses, House District 59

Jasmine Gore, House District 62

Del. Laschrecse Aird, House District 63

Michael Drewry, House District 64

Caitlin Coakley, House District 65

Del. Karrie Delaney, House District 67

Del. Betsy Carr, House District 69

Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg, House District 72

Del. Rodney Willett, House District 73

Del. Clint Jenkins, House District 76

Del. Don Scott, House District 80

Jeffrey Feld, House District 81

Del. Alex Askew, House District 85

Del. Suhas Subramanyam, House District 87

Del. Angelia Williams Graves, House District 90

Del. Martha Mugler, House District 91

Del. Jeion Ward, House District 92

Del. Mike Mullin, House District 93

Del. Shelly Simonds, House District 94

Del. Cia Price, House District 95

Mark Downey, House District 96

Ella Webster, House District 98

Finale Norton, House District 100

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