Kristina Hagen
Virginia Campaign Director

With extensive experience in field, fundraising, communications, data analysis, management, and campaign strategy, Kristina Hagen has been active in Virginia politics since 2012. She has worked on candidate and issue campaigns at the federal, state and local level.

Prior to joining the Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, she spent five years with the Senate Democratic Caucus, developing and executing a strategic plan that successfully flipped the Virginia Senate from a Republican to Democratic control.

Kristina cut her teeth as an organizer during her time as a student at Durham University. She now lives in Richmond with her husband, their little boy and their two cats.

Monica Hutchinson
Community Organizer – Richmond

Monica Hutchinson is a wife and proud mother of three amazing teenage boys. She is currently a Community Organizer with the Campaign for Family Friendly Economy VA. She spent the last two years with New Virginia Majority as a member of the Political Organizing team, part of which she was the lead Political Organizer for the Richmond area. She is a graduate of the Virginia Progressive Leadership Project Cohort 5, Alumna of the Black Campaign School, and serves multiple organizations with volunteer and civic engagement including the Henrico NAACP which she serves as Communications Chair, Henrico County Public Schools Special Education Advisory Committee where she serves as Vice-Chair of Planning, and Henrico County Democratic Committee magisterial district chair of the Fairfield district. Monica enjoys engaging her communities on the issues that most impact them. She has consistently volunteered for Democratic campaigns since 2000, Federal, State, and Local campaigns. A transplant from Queens, New York, she is passionate about her communities in Virginia and inspires many with her vision of a Commonwealth where everyone works together towards social and political justice. She is driven to fight for issues including civil rights, equity and equality, voting rights, criminal justice reform, education, women reproductive rights, LGBTQ+, immigration, healthcare, living wage, and more.

Laura Collins
Community Organizer – Northern Virginia

Laura Collins grew up in a working-class home and saw first-hand how the struggles of working paycheck-to-paycheck with limited worker protections negatively affected her family’s homelife and, specifically, her parents’ mental and physical health. It was only after she became an adult that she put the puzzle pieces together and saw the big picture – that political policies have the ability to make or break a household. Realizing that collective action is required to swing the political pendulum from policies that favor corporations to policies that favor workers, Laura felt compelled to engage in work that elevates the voices of those most impacted by inequitable workplace policies. Laura has experience in community organizing, local and national political campaigns, and communications. Before joining the CFFE team, she led digital outreach efforts at the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center. When Laura is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, hiking, and raising her daughter as a proud feminist who understands the intersecton of racial, gender, and economic justice. Laura graduated from Indiana University and currently resides in Northern Virginia.