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The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy is working to build a better future for working people and a more stable economy by fighting for smart policies that lift Virginia families and make our communities stronger.


Paid Family and Medical Leave

At some point, nearly all of us will have to take time away from work to care for a new child or deal with a serious personal or family illness. Right now, too many Virginians are forced to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one and the income they depend on. Paid family and medical leave would ensure all working people can take temporary paid time away from work when they need to care for themselves or a loved one. Business owners across Virginia support this policy because it keeps people in the workforce and improves employee productivity and morale.

Quality, Affordable Childcare

Virginia families want their children to be safe and secure while they’re at work. But currently, too many parents struggle to find reliable, affordable care for their kids. As a result, thousands of Virginians are forced to choose between staying in the workforce and ensuring their kids are cared for. By improving access to quality, affordable childcare we can ensure families have the tools they need to succeed at work while helping their kids thrive.

Affordable, Reliable Long-term Elder Care

We have a collective responsibility to ensure that seniors and people with disabilities have the resources they need to live in dignity. Seniors and people with disabilities need access to affordable, reliable long-term care that centers the needs of patients without bankrupting families. This means investing in building a long-term care infrastructure that works for families and valuing the hard work of professional caregivers.

Paid Sick Days

A case of the flu or caring for a child home sick from school shouldn’t leave working people wondering if they will be able to pay the bills. Unfortunately, Virginia does not guarantee that working people have access to paid sick days so they can stay home from work without jeopardizing their paycheck when these things happen. This isn’t just bad for families, it also harms public health. Paid sick days help individuals and communities stay healthy by ensuring people can stay home when they’re sick.

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