Mike’s Story

“While we’re glad to provide paid leave, it’s a significant cost for us to bear as a small business. That’s why we support a universal paid leave policy for Virginia, one that would cover all working Virginians, those at small businesses and large ones. It would help lower costs for businesses like mine, allowing us to expand our services, hire more employees and increase wages and benefits.”

The Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home has been owned and operated by Mike’s family for three generations. As a business, they take great pride in being there for their community in times of need, and they apply that same philosophy to their staff. That is why Mike feels it is so important to ensure that his employees are able to take paid leave when they need it, even in the face of tight operating margins. While Mike’s family has made it a priority to provide paid leave, for many businesses, especially new and smaller ones, offering paid leave isn’t financially viable. As things stand, many businesses are forced to scramble when an employee needs to take time away from work. Most can’t afford to find thousands of dollars unexpectedly when an employee needs leave. A universal system puts this important benefit in reach for these businesses and their employees.