Updates from Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Virginia

4/6/2021 – Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy Launches Virginia Voices Storybook Project

Today the Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy launched the Virginia Voices Storybook Project. Every month, Va-CFFE will publish stories showcasing the experiences of working Virginians, small business owners, healthcare providers and patient advocates from every corner of the Commonwealth to highlight the need for a statewide paid family and medical leave program in Virginia.

1/26/2021 – Virginian Pilot: How we get through the pandemic and rebuild for a better future

Putting in place guaranteed paid sick leave and a paid family and medical leave program could help during the next public health emergency so that people don’t have to choose between going to work sick or losing their home.


1/24/2021 – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Sen. Jennifer Boysko and Del. Hala Ayala: “Small business owners have spoken – Virginia needs paid leave”

Small-business owners and the employees they rely on should not be left to meet today’s demands without more support. There are many steps we need to take to get our economy moving again and support the bedrock of communities, but one key area that would help workers and employers alike is paid family and medical leave.


1/20/2021 – Virginian-Pilot: Debra Freeman and Kenneth Gilliam: State lawmakers can make strides to make Virginia more equitable and inclusive

In order to achieve these goals, state lawmakers and candidates running for public office this November must begin prioritizing progressive revenue options. This is vital so that we have all the needed resources to ensure that more Virginia families have access to things such as paid sick days and family and medical leave.


1/18/2021 – PolitiFact Virginia: “The United States is the only industrialized, modernized country that does not already have a paid family medical leave program in place.”

Jennifer Boysko, during a Jan. 18 hearing of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, said the bill would make Virginia a national leader on the issue. “The United States is the only industrialized, modernized country that does not already have a paid family medical leave program in place,” she said.

1/17/2021 – Roanoke Times: Coronavirus puts spotlight on paid leave during General Assembly session

“Paid sick leave and paid leave is essential now more than ever to ensure that we can stay safe during COVID, especially because this crisis has really amplified the need to support our workforce,” said Del. Hala Ayala, D-Prince William.


1/13/2021 – WJHL: Virginia lawmakers to take on jam-packed agenda in short session starting Wednesday

Meanwhile, some Democrats are reviving a push to pass required paid sick days and family medical leave for certain employers. Supporters argue the pandemic has further demonstrated the need for statewide standards…


1/11/2021 – Washington Post: Biden’s goal, ‘Build Back Better,’ is also Democrats’ aim in Virginia and Maryland

In addition, some Virginia Democrats hope to give workers permanent help by requiring employers to provide paid sick leave or family leave… “It’s essential that folks have access to paid leave,” Commonwealth Institute President Michael Cassidy said. “The pandemic has revealed how critical that is.”


12/29/2020 – VPM: Advocates Push for Paid Family Leave in Virginia

Paid family and medical leave advocates for statewide paid family and medical leave say it’s an effective way to assist employees like Walker who need substantial time off.

12/9/2020 – Washington Business Journal: More than 5,000 have claimed paid family leave benefits in the D.C. program’s first months

More than 5,000 people have claimed paid family and medical leave benefits in D.C. since the hotly debated program launched this summer, a result that officials deem promising in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.


10/23/2020 Washington Post: “The coronavirus is shaping the conversation about the need for paid family leave,” featuring Virginia Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy supporter Terrence Walker

Virginia is of particular national interest, given that it is the first state to address paid leave since the coronavirus pandemic began. Nationwide, Virginia is the first southern state and one of a handful of purple states to tackle paid family leave. A statewide paid family leave plan in Virginia could further expand the landscape to other states considering a policy, and absent comprehensive federal paid leave policies, individual states have become the drivers of change.

8/6/2020 – The Commonwealth Institute: “Statewide Paid Family and Medical Leave: A Critical Step Toward Racial, Economic, and Health Equity”

Everyone should have the ability to take time away from work to care for themselves and loved ones without risking their financial stability. People who call Virginia home agree: a 2020 study found that 84% of registered voters in Virginia support a 12-week paid family and medical leave policy that all working people would be able to access.


5/21/2020 – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Tara Gibson, David Broder and Michael Cassidy: COVID-19 sheds new light on paid family leave

The pandemic is further proof that Virginia’s working families need a permanent paid leave program. Virginia lawmakers must make state paid family and medical leave their No. 1 priority to ensure that employees do not face the impossible choice between maintaining financial security and caring for themselves or a loved one.

12/13/2019 – Washington Business Journal: Small business owner Sophie Blake: “On my holiday wish list? Paid leave”

Our representatives should do their part to support their small business constituents as well and help business owners like me and our employees get access to the paid family and medical leave we need.


12/4/2019 – Roanoke Times: Small business owner Mike Hamlar: “Care during our times of need is a small business value”

In polarized times, paid leave is a policy that will help all Virginians. It has overwhelming, bipartisan support from small business owners: 66 percent say a comprehensive paid leave law should be a priority for Virginia.